everything’s fucked

just about to send off love wins 11 to the mailing list. this issue is what love wins is all about. language of the heart.
i make art to have fun and to learn. this issue is definitely more on the learning side of things which isn’t always fun. if you want to get on the love wins mailing list – paypal a couple bucks to jasontmiles at gmail dot com and be sure to include your mailing address.

here’s the first peep at the almost final cover by alex degen for insect bath #1.

i love this. you can read and see more about insect bath here.

Imagetim goodyear the teenage dinosaur and i are publishing the adventures of tad martin #6! seriously fucking honored to be a part of this book. casanova frankenstein (formerly known as al frank) is one of my favorite cartoonists. the adventures of tad martin ran 5 issues and was published by caliber/iconografix in 1991 (all 5 issues in 91!). if you like full speed down stroke punk comics then track these down. here’s what my eternal-guiding-light-dylan-williams sed about casanova’s comix:

Al Frank is another totally fucking amazing punk comic artist. Bobby [Madness] took what people like Crumb or Holstrom were doing, mixed it with street art and made it his own. Al took Raymond Pettibone [sick] and combined it with a different aspect of street art and came up with another, completely unique style. He did a book called Tad Martin in the early 90s for the most punk friendly publisher at the time Iconografix and has continued to do the most down to earth, fucked up, funny shit around. They were both interested in the art around them in their communities that wasn’t being force fed to them.

look at this fucking cartooning!


we’re getting close on this one.

Imageand then there’s no me. i sparkplugged no me after doing some art auctions to benefit sparkplug comic books after dylan died. i was feeling a lot of grief and energy and needed to put it somewhere. so i sent out a call for no me and got a huge response. this thing is very close to being finished. its huge. something like 60 artists and over 250 pages.
all handmade. you can see preview images here. hoping to have this finished for short run in november. these pics of no me are just my dummy mock ups.


if you like language of the heart art then you gotta check out bread and wine by samuel delaney and mia wolff.



Imagevery happy and fortunate to have edited this book. i think it turned out real good. its one of the most romantic pieces of art i’ve ever experienced. it really gets that excited terrifying feeling of falling in love.

reading pile:


isn’t this cover disgusting! raw power 2 by josh bayer. dude keeps connecting. i love the way he makes images and pages and his stories feel weird and familiar. i remember way back reading about novels that used real people as characters – which seemed like a cool idea. and now it seems fan art is a really big thing. maybe its always been big but i’m seeing a lot more of it. anyway, josh seems to be doing those things while transcending them too – filtering his experience through books and comix and celebrities and just the medium in general. like william s. burroughs doing marvel comics in the 70s.


monster edited by paul lyons. this is one of the most exciting anthologies i’ve seen since jordan crane’s non 5. its got three books wrapped in a killer screen print. each book has a blind deboss and the guts are 2 colors. i’ve only read the first book so far because i want to slow jam this thing. all the stories and art are fucking great and mike taylor’s is one of the best horror comix i’ve ever read. serious spine chiller. so good!


castle & wood is by my good friend darin shuler. there are 6 issues to date. the 7th may be ready for short run. darin is an elemental. i’ve read these comix so many times. i love them. i love the way he draws and his characters and the seriously silly quest for enlightenment they’re on. i’m fortunate to know darin so when i read his comix i hear him doing the voices for his characters in my head. pee wee’s playhouse forever!


kelly jones’ hammer really took me by surprise. i read his deadman back in the day but then got into berni wrightson which killed my… jones for his art. i picked up a grip of his hammer for a dollar and really like it. when jones writes his stories he loses the wrightson influence and tells a killer yarn. very fun lovecraftian horror. if you like dan o’bannon’s style of horror then this is for you. jones makes some great ghouls and creatures and hammer has this weird alien creeper dude that hugs his melon, hence the phallic helmet…

Pluto-Cover PlutoAstroBoy_Comparison_thumb

i’m still diving into manga. lots of discovery for me there. i really like almost everything i’ve read by tezuka except astro boy. i love the way astro boy looks and all the robots and monsters but the stories don’t satisfy me. i picked up urasawa’s revisionist astro boy manga, pluto, for a buck and loved it. lots of consequence and character and flow. seriously elevating pulp stuff. crazy readable.


reading pluto i couldn’t help but think of beto’s maria m. book one. i edited this book for fantamagraphics and it’s a movie adaptation as graphic novel of beto’s poison river. beto’s recent meta/film/graphic novel adaptations of his older comix really fuck with my head and make me feel alien to my own experience and memories of the original stories, which i’ve read a thousand times. it’s amazing how his comix continue to grow and crystalize and grow again.

since yer on the computer click here to check out karissa sakumoto’s rude comics shop. also check out profanity hill!

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