homeward handbound


still stuffing my brains back in my head after short run 2014
the third short run
they’ve all been great
my favorite small press show
my hometown show
compared to other shows people at short run seem most curious about the handmade and unknown comics and zines
not just the internet buzz books and makers or machine manufactured books from businesses
and thats a vital distinction to me after 10 years of tabling small press shows


i was very happy to have no me for the show
its been 2 heartbreaking years in the making
the most ambitious project i’ve attempted
i’m happy by the response
no me is all assembled by hand
guts photocopied
covers screen printed by yers
3 little books bundled with string
wonderful, wonderful contributors: josh bayer, marc bell, jean-michel bertroyas, jim blanchard, nikki burch, ben bush, adam buttrick, sean christensen, chris cilla, max clotfelter, mark connery, scott davis, marc deckter, austin english, eroyn franklin, gabrielle gamboa, julia gfrörer, tim goodyear, justin green, eric haven, cameron hawkeye, meghan hogan, raighne hogan, gerald jablonski, dunja jankovic, juliacks, patrick keck, keenan marshall keller, david king, bobby madness, jesse mcmanus, mr. mike, lane milburn, tony millionaire, tom neely, andy nukes, virginia paine, marc palm, léo quiévreux, luke ramsey, tony remple, helge reumann, xavier robel, james romberger, tim root, kevin scalzo, josh simmons, justin skarhus, ted stearn, conor stechschulte, ian sundahl, tom van deusen, noah van sciver, blair wilson, ajax wood storm, martine workman, chris wright, sophia yanow


also new for the show was love wins 12
really excited by and about free papers
rich history there
love wins 12 is made up of 32 drawings
most of which were done last year during the week my grandpa was in hospice
big thanks to austin english, conor stetchschulte and open space for showing these drawings earlier this year in baltimore
big thanks to olivia mccausland, aidan fitzgerald, darin shuler and cairo for showing them a couple months back in seattle
its a big deal and new and scary to me to share grief in such a public way and their support along with others has been immeasurable



and here’s another new jammer known as cool rool
although cool rool doesn’t appear anywhere in the zine
its a riso frankenstein zine by me, aidan fitzgerald and darin shuler
so much fun making this
discovering all the unintentional echos between the 3 of us
we each made 15 copies
many variants
i added a bunch of stuff to mine
no 2 copies the same
this ones history
no more available
maybe fitzy and d.shoe have some…?


heres my haul:







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