what you going do?

hear! hear!
its here!


insect bath #1

spider yarns spun by zach hazard vaupen, sammy harkham, juliacks, max clotfelter, eamon espey, matthew thurber, jason t. miles and alex delaney
mister freibert provides the ole witch hat intro outro
alex degen and scott roller on covers

you can buy the thing HERE or HERE

or you can git it from yer local comix shop on feb 12th

progress is progressing on the adventures of tad martin #6 by casanova frankenstein
expect this heartbreaker to hit later this year from teenage dinosaur and profanity hill
here’s a couple teaser pages



most of love wins 13 has been done for a while but been busy with the bath and tad
also i don’t know how i’m going to print it
here’s raw scans of some of it




and speaking of art…

been enjoying messing around with color
inspired by what anya davidson and lane milburn have been up to
they’ve been coloring comix whereas i’ve jest been coloring some drawings


lineart layered over colored inks


this ones inspired by a masamune shirow interview i recently read:

Dark Horse:
Some of your color work includes very unusual textures. How do you achieve these effects?

Masamune Shirow:
I use a color copy machine and copy rock or metallic images onto a “transparent film with an adhesive on one side,” (reversing or flipping positive and negative images, altering colors, and changing sizes), and then cut and paste them into the drawing. I usually use acrylic paint and apply several thin layers… I avoid a high contrast look with sketches, because when I draw very realistically “the flat, deformed, and unrealistic-looking” faces of my characters tend to dissolve into the surroundings there, and appear odd.

i did the lazy 21st century version of shirow coloring
grabing pics online and photoshop paint bucket

reading pile:


skull #6 (1972)
1 story in 2 parts. 1st part (greg irons art) takes place in the 19th century, with a crazy scientist trying to grow a monster inside a lady. things don’t go according to planned but a mysterious figure with supernatural powers (asian stereotype) saves the day. 2nd part (richard corben art) takes place 200+ years later where the crazy scientist’s great grandson pays for ole granddad’s sins. creeper scripted by tom veitch. solid, traditional, horror comic splitter. poe, lovecraft vibe with some underground comic shockers. could do without the fu manchu bullshit. irons at the top of his game and corben’s corben = the real deal.


cops (1989)
this guy, mark baker, asked cops to tell him their story, anonymously. then he brilliantly sequenced their stories. i’ve had this book for 10+ years… everytime i’ve thought about trading it in i start reading it and can’t put it down. i become obsessed. this book is nuts! raw dog brutal. very funny and very fucked. gotta check out his nam and women book.

weird how similar those 2 covers are…?

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